Zealandia® Genetics

We searched the world to find desirable traits for a leading NZ dairy sheep. These genetics combined with a powerful on-farm recording program gives our suppliers an edge.
Spring Sheep is the exclusive home of the Zealandia® dairy sheep breeding line.

Spring Sheep is the exclusive home of the Zealandia® dairy sheep breeding line.

Our unique breeding line, the Spring Sheep Zealandia® is made up of the very best dairy sheep genetics sourced from across Europe and New Zealand. Combined with a comprehensive recording program, Zealandia®  provides a strong data-backed competitive advantage for our suppliers.

Zealandia® is a breed that has been developed by New Zealanders for our New Zealand farming systems.

Reserved for our suppliers

Reserved for our suppliers

As a Spring Sheep supplier you will have ongoing access to leading Zealandia® genetics that are profitable and focused on farm efficiency. Through our Zealandia® Rams you'll stay connected to rapid genetic gain in all key traits.

Most importantly the Zealandia® breed is specifically linked to our Spring Sheep New Zealand range of products. 

The Journey to Zealandia®

We began our genetics journey in 2014, and since then have done a huge amount of work to develop a breed that is specific for New Zealand's farming conditions. This included a global search for leading dairy genetics including Holland, UK, Spain and France. Watch the video to find out more.

Zealandia®: Backed by data

Every aspect of the Zealandia® has been designed and considered by our team using data. With the help of New Zealand's leading sheep genetics researchers and practitioners our team:

  •  Recorded over 24 million individual animal trait records between 2015 and 2019
  • Developed a New Zealand Dairy Sheep Udderscore Framework
  • Co-developed and funded a Milk Module for Sheep Improvement Limited (SIL), the genetics engine for sheep in NZ
  • Completed the largest international dairy sheep embryo importation to New Zealand
  • Maintain the largest genotyped dairy flock in New Zealand
  • Facilitate a Genetics Steering Group including New Zealand's most advanced sheep genomics experts
  • Pioneered in New Zealand a new breeding technique for syncronised lambing
Zealandia® Ram Supply

Zealandia® Ram Supply

Our elite breeding flocks produce Zealandia® Rams for all supplier farms. This means you let us know what you're looking for in the rams and well deliver them for you to use during the breeding season.