Zealandia® Genetics

We searched the world to find desirable traits for a leading NZ dairy sheep. These genetics combined with a powerful on-farm recording program gives our suppliers an edge.
Spring Sheep is the exclusive home of the Zealandia® dairy sheep breed

Spring Sheep is the exclusive home of the Zealandia® dairy sheep breed

Our unique breeding line, the Spring Sheep Zealandia® is made up of the very best dairy sheep genetics sourced from across Europe and New Zealand. Combined with the latest breeding technologies and a comprehensive recording program, Zealandia®  provides a strong science and data-backed competitive advantage for our suppliers.

Zealandia® is a breed that has been developed by New Zealanders for our New Zealand farming systems.

Reserved for our suppliers

Reserved for our suppliers

As a Spring Sheep supplier you will have ongoing access to leading Zealandia® genetics that are profitable and focused on farm efficiency. Through our Zealandia® Rams you'll stay connected to rapid genetic gain in all key traits.

Most importantly the Zealandia® breed is specifically linked to our Spring Sheep New Zealand range of products. 

The Journey to Zealandia®

We began our genetics journey in 2014, and since then have done a huge amount of work to develop a breed that is specific for New Zealand's farming conditions. This included a global search for leading dairy genetics including Holland, UK, Spain and France. Watch the video to find out more.

Zealandia®: Backed by data

With the help of New Zealand's leading sheep genetics researchers and practitioners, every aspect of the Zealandia® breed has been designed and considered using data:

  • We maintain three nucleus flocks in the Waikato and capture data on 3,000 ewes annually for 35 commercially important traits.
  • We have recorded over 34 million individual animal trait records between 2015 and 2021
  • We maintain the largest genotyped dairy flock in New Zealand

Zealandia® Ram Supply

Zealandia® Ram Supply

Our elite breeding flocks produce Zealandia® Rams for all supplier farms.
We maintain regular dialogue with our suppliers to ensure we are measuring economically important traits and identifying the very best animals to meet individual needs.

This means you let us know what you're looking for in the rams and we’ll help select and deliver them for you to use during the breeding season, helping to accelerate performance and profitability.