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Spring Sheep is a proudly NZ owned dairy company committed to bringing the incredible taste and health benefits of grass-fed New Zealand sheep milk to the world.

Making Dairy Better

Spring Sheep Milk Co. was started with a clear aim to do better dairy and, to provide a tastier, gentler and more nutritious alternative to goat or cow’s milk. 

We are dedicated to looking after our animals, our people and the land we farm as proud custodians, and in turn, our products are gentle on consumers.

“We wholeheartedly embrace ‘Kaitiaki’ – Custodianship of the land. Sheep milking is more environmentally sustainable than conventional dairy ~ 30-50% lower impact on the land (Nitrogen leaching, water usage, soil structure and emissions).”
We are gentle on the land
“We believe in low-stress lives for our animals and every one of our animals is precious to us. We believe that animal welfare is not simply the absence of negative experiences for our animals but the presence of positive experiences. Our sheep spend time outdoors on pasture and our farm teams are passionate, dedicated experts who work hard every day to ensure the health and wellbeing of our animals.”
We are gentle on our animals
“We ensure our milk flows gently from parlour to packaging. This reduces the damage that can be caused by high levels of agitation in pipe networks and tanker transportation. Using state-of-the-art low agitation systems the integrity of our milk is protected and its goodness preserved, every step of the way. Keeping our milk really cold is another important way we ensure quality.”
We are gentle on the milk
“Our sheep milk is naturally A2-type, meaning it does not contain any of the A1 Beta-Casein protein that is in traditional cow's milk. It has a high proportion of short and medium-chain fatty acids and is richer in many vitamins, minerals and in all 10 essential amino acids (compared to cow’s milk).”
And in return, our products are gentle on consumers

The most gentle milk comes from here

A unique partnership that brings all the best skills together

A unique partnership that brings all the best skills together

Spring Sheep® Milk Co. is a unique public-private partnership between the New Zealand Government-owned enterprise, Pāmu Farms of New Zealand, and export-focused sales and marketing company SLC Group.

Grass-fed Sheep Milk, a premium alternative

Sheep milk offers some significant benefits over goat or cow’s milk. As well as superior nutrition, New Zealand sheep dairying has environmental advantages. 

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Our products, ingredients and services

Our products, ingredients and services

We provide a variety of specialty ingredients and crafted, nutritious and delicious products, all made from grass-fed New Zealand Sheep Milk.

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