Our Farming Systems

Our proven farming systems

We understand that not every farm can be the same. At Spring Sheep we have pioneered and operate a range of blueprint farming systems to suit nearly all supply scenarios.  In a new industry it is important to have someone blaze new trails. As a Spring Sheep supplier you will have access to our farms and all the technical knowledge about milking sheep in NZ that has been gathered over the past 5 years.

Cow to Sheep Model

Cow to Sheep Model

Tauwhare is the Waikato Cow Farmers blueprint. This farm is 50ha and was converted in just four months from cow to sheep milking with low capital requirements.
Hybrid Farm Model

Hybrid Farm Model

Monavale is our flagship Waikato conversion targeted at farmers seeking a hybrid farm model with both grazing and off paddock feeding.
Large Scale Model

Large Scale Model

St. Kilda is our large scale farm. This farm is best suited to large scale landowners and non-owner operated models.

What is being a Spring Sheep farmer really like?

Hear first-hand about the team experience!

Leading research & development

Leading research & development

Spring Sheep have continually been working on establishing sound evidence and knowledge behind our farming systems. R&D is conducted at our pilot farms and has resulted in many farm system improvements and efficiencies. 

Recent studies include:

  • Natural lamb rearing
  • Miscanthus
  • Nutrition
  • Environment

Conversion process

Converting your farm from either an existing dairy cow shed or from a paddock to a sheep milking farm is something we know about. Our team have shed plans, budgets and contacts to assist you on the conversion journey. Our milk supply team can be there each step of the way right up to getting the shed signed off for supply – we can even install the tanker sign at the gate for you!

“Working with Spring Sheep has been a great experience – being part of the supplier workshops and learning from the pilot farms has made our conversion process run smoothly.”
Matthew Spataro, Spring Sheep Farmer

Supplier case study

When Rhys Darby and his brother Phil approached Spring Sheep, both knew that sheep milking would have a natural fit in their existing family dairy business. Rhys visited and worked with the pilot farm team to spend a few milkings learning the ropes and after a few months of due diligence signed up his multi-year milk supply contract with Spring Sheep.

Conversion of the existing surplus cow dairy infrastructure started in January with the sheep arriving on the 1st of June. Milking of the new flock began on the 1st of August.

Rhys was supported by the Spring Sheep team the whole way through, making sure the shed conversion was completed on time, the livestock were in top condition and that the process was enjoyable. 

Rhys is already eyeing up expansion with the new generation of lambs enabling a larger flock for the coming dairy season!